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 30 août 2020

So here I am close to Sevilla in a beautiful hacienda starting a blog like we’re in 1999. But well, despite the social media visibility monopoly, I felt the need to create a traditional blog to express what I’m in feeling in this crazy XXIth century. And imagine if Instagram or Facebook disappear, that blog will keep on living, right ?

So well, first let me thank you for coming here cause I know it’s an effort like opening a book nowadays. I’m publishing a book about my #digitalnomad life in france and I thought it would be interesting for people to know what are the tools and state of mind that made me who I am. Cause maybe you want to work from home, and that covid era made you realize you can be happy from your casa. I travel a lot, I just need the wifi and my brain. So in this blog, I’m gonna share my tips. Listo ?

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